USTA Leagues

Avalon offers a variety of USTA teams at different skill levels and schedule. The Captains from our Club have a long tradition of forming fun and competitive teams. USTA Leagues are open to women and men 18 years of age and older and feature Regional, Sectional, and National championships for most of the leagues.

For more information about USTA teams at Avalon contact the USTA Tennis Coordinator, Gabriel Ghita, at

Avalon USTA Teams

Captains Rules on Forming USTA Teams at Avalon:

  1. A formal request to form an USTA team should be submitted to Avalon Tennis Director for approval at
  2. Members first Rule – The USTA teams must first be composed of association members. If there is remaining space on a team, a captain may invite non-members to join the team.
  3. The 50% Rule – Avalon members should constitute at least half of an USTA team formed at Avalon.
  4. The 2 teams Rule – A non-member can play in no more than two USTA teams during 2022. The non-member fees will be $20 for first team and $40 for second one. It is the captain’s responsibility to inform the players about the fees, to collect the money from the non-members and remit them to Avalon Tennis Director. The invoice sent to the captains should be paid in full, one payment via Venmo @Avalon-Tennis or by check to ARA.
  5. If a captain doesn’t follow the above rules a new request to form a team can be denied.