Richmond Racquet League

Formed back in the 1960’s, the Richmond Racquet League has provided an excellent platform of competition among all the tennis facilities in the Richmond Metropolitan area. This is a Saturday morning men’s league that starts in April and ends (for teams making the playoffs) in early July. There are divisions within the league that are developed based on each teams results. Currently there are 4 divisions, and top teams potentially move to a higher league after each season, and conversely bottom level teams may be moved down a division to maintain competitive balance. This is not a USTA rated league. The format is 4 singles matches and 3 doubles matches each time a match is held, with the resulting scores ranging from 7-0 to 4-3.

Avalon has been participating since the league was formed, and the camaraderie and skill level challenge of playing different clubs is always challenging and inspiring.

Email Avalon captain, Brad Baylor for more information on joining the team!