Avalon Dive Team

What is Dive Team?

The Dive Team competes with other local clubs through the summer (see the Schedule for this year’s events). Divers are taught proper diving techniques during safe and fun practices and they compete with others of their own age and skill category.

Age Groups

A child’s age group is determined by his/her age on June 1st of the competition year. Seniors may complete until they reach their 19th birthday.

7 years old and younger
8 and 9 years old
10 and 11 years old
12 and 13 years old
14 and 15 years old
16, 17, and 18 years old


Dive Team Organization

Divers must be registered in order to practice and/or participate in meets. Avalon rules stipulate that children under age 9 cannot be left at the pool without supervision of a responsible person age 13 or older. This applies to dive team practice as well.

If your child is having a private lesson with one of the coaches, you must pay in the office prior to the lesson. You will be given a receipt to present to the coach at the time of the lesson.

Dive Team Myths

My child loves to watch the divers. Unfortunately, he/she cannot be on the team because he/she does not know how to dive.

NOT TRUE! Diving practices are instructional in nature. The children compete at their own level of proficiency. Our coaches train new divers before any poor habits develop.

My child could never be on the swim and dive teams. That would be impossible.

NOT TRUE! We work around swim team and, in fact, many of the divers are on the swim team too.

My child may get hurt if he/she is on the dive team.

The fact is that you will probably allow your child to use the diving board while at the pool to play. Statistics show that a child who is properly trained and instructed in diving will be less likely to injure him/herself because he/she knows proper board safety.

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