Avalon Swim Lessons 2022

Swim Lesson Prices

  • $85 Member/ $95 Non-Member for two weeks (8 lessons) or
  • $50 Member / $60 Non-Member per week (4 lessons) if you would like to split weeks.

Instructors offer private lessons and adult private lessons upon request.

Instructors: Anne Van Lenten and Ashley Cryer

Please contact: ARASwimLessons@gmail.com


Classes must have a minimum of 4 participants.

2022 Sessions

Week 1 June 20th – June 23rd
Week 2 June 28th – July 1st
Week 3 *July 5th – July 8th * (Tuesday – Friday)
Week 4 July 11th – July 14th
Week 5 July 18th – July 21st
Week 6 July 25th – July 28th
Week 7 Aug 1st – Aug 4th
Week 8 Aug 8th – Aug 11th


Lesson Levels

Level 1

9:00 -9:30

Mon. – Thurs.

ages 3 -5

Level 2

9:30 – 10:00

Mon.- Thurs.

ages 3 -8

Level 3

10:00 – 10:45


ages 5-10

This level is for swimmers who have never had lessons or are not comfortable doing the skills listed below.

Skills taught:

  • Get face/eyes wet unassisted
  • Blows bubbles
  • Submerses head completely under water
  • Comfortably floats on back with or without instructor’s help
  • Kicks on kickboard, but with help
  • Kicks on back, but with help
  • Jumps from the side to the instructor
  • ½ length of pool-proper freestyle kicking on a kick board without an instructor
  • ½ length of pool-proper backstroke kick with arms at side without an instructor
  • Streamline to and from the wall unassisted
  • Retrieves object 3 feet underwater

This level is for swimmers who are comfortable in the water.

Skills taught:

  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with a single arm
  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with both arms, every 6 kicks
  • ½ lap kicking on side while holding kickboard; rolling face in, blowing bubbles (left and right)
  • ½ lap kicking on side while supported by coach rolling face in, blowing bubbles
  • ½ lap each kicking on left and right side with an extended arm (freestyle breathing position) unassisted
  • ½ lap single arm catch up freestyle (rotary breathing) unassisted
  • Intro to diving

This level is for swimmers who have mastered Level 1 & 2 skills and can serve as a bridge to pre-team or swim team.

Skills taught:

  • Demonstrated mastery of all Level 2 skills; progress to 25 yards
  • Flips in water/flip turns
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke kick with kickboard
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke kick with arms (2 kicks/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke (1 kick/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal butterfly kick with board
  • 25 yards legal butterfly with one arm pull/2 kicks
  • Streamline diving from block


Our swim team offers a pre-team program for those almost ready for the team.

About the Instructors

Anne Van Lenten has been involved in the swimming world since infancy. She grew up swimming for her local swim team, The Dahlgren Sharks,was a founding member of the the RAYS USS swim team, a lifeguard, a Red Cross water safety instructor, and a JRAC swim coach. Currently, she is a second grade teacher in Hanover County Public Schools, a USS referee, starter, chief judge, and strokes and turns official, a NCAA and VHSL swim official, JRAC Vice President of Swim and a parent of a W&L Collegiate swimmer, a DSF high school/summer swimmer, and a NOVA swimmer. Anne is super excited to join the Avalon swim family as the swim lesson coordinator and as a swim instructor.

Ashley Cryer has been a member of the Avalon Gators swim team since 2011, a member of the Tuckahoe Tiger Sharks, and the DSF high school swim team. She is a certified YMCA swim instructor and returning Avalon swim instructor. She is a current junior at DS Freeman High School. Ashley has a passion for helping children learn water safety through having fun in the water.