Avalon Swim Lessons 2024

Swim Lesson Prices

$50 Member / $65 Non-Member per week (4 lessons). Instructors offer private lessons and adult private lessons upon request. 

Instructors: Anne Van Lenten and Ashley Cryer

Questions contact: ARASwimLessons@gmail.com 

Registrations for group swim and private lessons will be administered through CommunityPass (registration buttons are shown below).  If you are not an Avalon member, please create a CommunityPass account to register.  Payment is due at time of registration.  If you are having trouble getting things setup in CommunityPass, contact us.

Classes must have a minimum of 3  participants.  

To request private lessons, please contact Anne Van Lenten at ARASwimLessons@gmail.com to schedule a time. Registration and payment is located in CommunityPass. Prices are $30 Member / $45 Non-Member per 30 minute session. *Scheduled private lessons missed will result in a lesson fee.* 

2024 Sessions

Week 1 June 10 – June 13
Week 2 June 17 – June 20
Week 3 June 24 – June 27
Week 4 July 1 – July 4
Week 5 July 8 – July 11
Week 6 July 15 – July 18
Week 7 July 22 – July 25

* Fridays will be inclement weather make-up days. *

Payment is due at the time of registration.

Lesson Levels

Level 1

9:00 -9:30

Mon. – Thurs.

ages 3 -5

Level 2

9:30 – 10:00

Mon.- Thurs.

ages 4 -8

Level 3

10:00 – 10:40


ages 6-10

This level is for swimmers who have never had lessons or are not comfortable doing the skills listed below.

Skills taught:

  • Get face/eyes wet unassisted
  • Blows bubbles
  • Submerses head completely under water
  • Comfortably floats on back with or without instructor’s help
  • Kicks on kickboard, but with help
  • Kicks on back, but with help
  • Jumps from the side to the instructor
  • ½ length of pool-proper freestyle kicking on a kick board without an instructor
  • ½ length of pool-proper backstroke kick with arms at side without an instructor
  • Streamline to and from the wall unassisted
  • Retrieves object 3 feet underwater

This level is for swimmers who are comfortable in the water.

Skills taught:

  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with a single arm
  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with both arms, every 6 kicks
  • ½ lap kicking on side while holding kickboard; rolling face in, blowing bubbles (left and right)
  • ½ lap kicking on side while supported by coach rolling face in, blowing bubbles
  • ½ lap each kicking on left and right side with an extended arm (freestyle breathing position) unassisted
  • ½ lap single arm catch up freestyle (rotary breathing) unassisted
  • Intro to diving

This level is for swimmers who have mastered Level 1 & 2 skills and can serve as a bridge to pre-team or swim team.

Skills taught:

  • Demonstrated mastery of all Level 2 skills; progress to 25 yards
  • Diving, flips in water/flip turns
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke kick with kickboard
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke kick with arms (1 kick/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke (1 kick/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal butterfly kick with board
  • 25 yards legal butterfly with one arm pull/2 kicks



About the Instructors

Anne Van Lenten has been involved in the swimming world since infancy. She grew up swimming for her local swim team, The Dahlgren Sharks,was a founding member of the the RAYS USS swim team, a lifeguard, a Red Cross water safety instructor, and a JRAC swim coach. Currently, she is a second grade teacher in Hanover County Public Schools, a USS referee, starter, chief judge, and strokes and turns official, a NCAA and VHSL swim official, parent of a former W&L Collegiate swimmer, a former DSF high school/summer swimmer, and a current NOVA swimmer. Anne enjoys being a part of  the Avalon swim family as the swim lesson coordinator and as a swim instructor.

Ashley Cryer has been a member of the Avalon Gators swim team since 2011, a member of the Tuckahoe Tiger Sharks, and the DSF high school swim team. She is a certified YMCA swim instructor and returning Avalon swim instructor. She is a graduate of DS Freeman High School and is a rising sophomore at The University of Virginia. Ashley has a passion for helping children learn water safety through having fun in the water.