Avalon Swim Lessons 2020

Meet Jeanine Dolan!

I am excited to be at Avalon again this summer! My husband Tim coaches the swim team, and my boys Tyler (15) and Christian (13) both also swim on the team. This year I will be coordinating and teaching swim lessons. During the school year, I am a Gifted Resource teacher at Powhatan Elementary but I have been swimming my entire life. I swam competitively through college and spent many years after that coaching all levels and ages of swimmers. I believe swimming is an important life skill, an awesome sport, and exercise that can be maintained throughout a life time. I love getting kids to be confident in the water.

Swim lessons for new and developing swimmers age 5 and older. Sessions will be limited to 6 swimmers.  Classes must have a minimum of 4 swimmers registered for the class to occur.

Swimmers who have no water experience or are not yet quite ready for swim team will learn water safety skills as well as competitive swim technique. Lessons are aimed to make a smooth and strong transition onto Pre-team or Swim Team if desired.

Skills are sequentially taught in a small group setting of no more than 6 swimmers. Some levels may have a lead instructor as well as an assistant instructor (and could possibly hold 8 students.)

Level will be determined by instructor based on the swimmer’s skill level. Swimmers will move to another level as determined by observed mastery by instructor(s).  Swimmers may be moved as seen to be appropriate upon instructor’s discretion.


Lessons are taught in 2 week sessions.

Lesson sessions run M – Th for 45 minutes.

(Fridays may be used to make up for lessons closed when the pool is closed due to inclement weather.)

8:15 – 9:00        Level 2

9:1 5– 10:00      Level 1

10:15 – 11:00    Level 3


Session I:   6/15 – 6/18 & 6/22 – 6/25

Session II:  6/29 – 7/2 & 7/6 – 7/9

Session III: 7/13 – 7/16 & 7/20 – 7/23

Session IV: 7/27 – 7/30 & 8/3 – 8/6

Each session = $80 (members), $90 (non-members)  (level descriptions below) 

Sign up for classes at Avalon or email me at jeaninedolan@gmail.com. There is a registration binder on the shelf to the left when you enter the pool office. Payment for classes can be made any time before the class begins to the instructor or the pool office.

Private lessons = $20/half hour (members), $30/half hour (non-members)

Private lessons are scheduled directly with the instructor.  Dive and Swim Team Coaches can teach private lessons.  Contact them directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Jeanine Dolan

Swim Lesson Coordinator/Instructor





LEVEL 1: This level is for swimmers who have never had lessons or are not comfortable doing the skills listed below.  No goggles are allowed.

Skills taught:

  • Get face/eyes wet unassisted
  • Blows bubbles
  • Submerses head completely under water willingly and blows bubbles without instructor
  • Comfortably floats on back with or without instructor’s help willingly
  • Kicks on kick board willingly, but with help
  • Kicks on back willingly, but with help
  • Jumps from the side to the instructor
  • Repetitive bubble blowing 5 consecutive times with head submerged under water
  • ½ length of pool-proper freestyle kicking on a kick board without an instructor
  • ½ length of pool-proper backstroke kick with arms at side without an instructor
  • Streamline to and from the wall unassisted
  • Retrieves object 3 feet underwater with bubbles

LEVEL 2: This level is for swimmers who are comfortable in the water.

Skills taught:

  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with a single arm
  • ½ lap rifle drill backstroke with both arms, every 6 kicks
  • ½ lap kicking on side while holding kickboard; rolling face in, blowing bubbles (left and right)
  • ½ lap kicking on side while supported by coach rolling face in, blowing bubbles
  • ½ lap each kicking on left and right side with an extended arm (freestyle breathing position) unassisted
  • ½ lap single arm catch up freestyle (rotary breathing) unassisted
  • Intro to diving

LEVEL 3: This level is for swimmers who have mastered Level 1 & 2 skills and can serve as a bridge to pre-team or swim team.

Skills taught:

  • Demonstrated mastery of all Level 2 skills; progress to 25 yards
  • Flips in water/flip turns
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke kick with kick board
  • 25 yards legalbreaststroke kick with arms (2 kicks/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal breaststroke (1 kick/1 pull with glide)
  • 25 yards legal butterfly kick with board
  • 25 yards legal butterfly with one arm pull/2 kicks
  • Streamline diving from block


Jeanine Dolan